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Don't have a concrete decision on what your college major is going to be yet?

Deciding upon a college major is tough, but you shouldn't let it stress you out. First, no matter what major you pick, you can always change it. Granted, sometimes its tough to change. For example, deciding in your junior year that you want to be a music major when you haven't taken any music performance classes your first two years -- that can be a tough road. But most students spend the bulk of their first two years taking general education courses and the beginning classes in their major and minor.

Switching majors in your junior year may require that you pick up a few extra classes in your major and minor somehow to get on track. Usually this means attending a summer school session or two.

One career field that is a bit out of the box is interior design. Not a lot of colleges offer an interior design degree and not many students think about a career in interior design, but interior design can be a terrific profession for the right person. Learn more here about potential schools and career training.

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